IndustrialCraft Reactor Planner version 2.01

This applet can also be ran standalone, you can download it here.


Cell selection bar: Left-click to pick what you would like to add to the reactor grid, Ctrl+Left-click will fill ALL blank slots in the grid with the selected type.
Reactor grid: Left-click will place the selected item into the grid, Right-click will remove an item.
Reactor chambers: Specifies the amount of chambers this design has. (duh)
External Environment: Set the desired amount of external cooling/heating, the reactor's total external cooling cannot go lower than 0.
Initial Hull Temperature: Set the desired amount of heat in the hull before the reactor is turned on.
SUC Supply: Sets how fast a design gets supplied with SUC items
-- Items per second: The speed of the supply, checkboxes switch between "seconds per item" and "items per second".
-- Item storage: How much external storage a design has if there's no room inside the reactor.

Output - General Information: (The non-obvious ones)

Output EU: The amount of EU generatated during one 'Generation Time'.
Total EU: The total amount of EU generated after the uranium cells have been deplated.
Effective EU/t: The overall amount of EU/t generated after taking into account the design's cooldown time.
Effciency: The average number of pulses each uranium cell produces.
Generation time: The amount of time a reactor can be active it has heat problems or it has ran out of uranium.
Cooldown time: The amount of time needed for a design to fully disipate the heat made during one generation period.
Maximum cycles: The number of consecutive 'Full Cycles' a design can perform before it needs to cooldown.
Time until uranium depleted: The total time a design can run while alternating Generation and Cooldown periods.

Output - SUC Information:

Unused cooling: The amount of cooling from a design's SUC item supply that the design didn't need or couldn't use.
Backlog: The amount of external storage used by the design, this will never exceed the set SUC storage limits.

Output - Breeder Information:

Cells charged: The total amount of charging a design does in one Generation period. (For an average total of charged cells a design can make after depleting it's uranium, see 'Recharging per tick')